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Jason Strong

I'm Jason Strong, professional amateur, student of all things, all around helpful guy, and part time computer technician.

Animator, Knight Errant, and Professional Weirdo, Jason Strong has been righting wrongs and fighting the forces of evil since he started watching Saturday morning cartoons in the 80's. This has so far kept him from finding a decent career.

Jason Strong has an ever growing collection of useful and not so useful skills. Some day he hopes to be able to make everything. For now he helps college students use computers for the sheer joy of helping people (also so he can afford food).

Jason Strong's Background

Jason Strong's Experience

Animator at Theory Animation

May 2009

Character animation. Concept art.

Computer Facilities Assistant at Mt. San Antonio College

September 2003

Upgrade and repair, lab and classroom computers. Assist students with a variety or computer issues. Ensure smooth running or the lab.

Jason Strong's Education

Animation Mentor

2008 – 2009

Diploma for advanced studies

Mt. San Antonio College

2003 – 2006

Concentration: art

Jason Strong's Interests & Activities

Art, Animation, Game Design, Origami, Carpentry, Craft, Needle Felting, Tailoring, Sculpture, Illustration, Comics, Clothing Design, Ukulele, Cooking, Baking, zen

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